ARCO – Art, Research and Creation Opus 2023 – is a binational university dedicated to musical creation, association between the Mozarteum University Salzbourg, Gmem-Marseille (one of the French National Center of Musical Creation) and French ensembles Multilaterale, Les Métaboles and Tana string quartet.
ARCO 2023 will be hosted by GMEM Marseille 


From July 7th – 16th 2023 (arrival on the 7th, departure on the 17th)

ARCO will welcome twelve young composers from all over the world.

Throughout the week, tutors Henry Fourès, Eva Reiter, Yann Robin and Johannes Maria Staud will conduct seminars, workshops and individually tailored composition classes.

Written for the occasion, the students’ pieces will be rehearsed, performed and recorded by Tana string quartet, Ensemble Multilatérale and Vocal Ensemble Les Métaboles, directed by Léo Warynski.

  • Lectures by composition teachers and invited artists
  • Individual composition classes with Henry Fourès, Eva Reiter, Yann Robin and Johannes Maria Staud ensuring the supervision of the students’ projects.
  • Two students especialy selected will write for electronics and instruments; They will be coached by Christian Sebille on the electronic side of their pieces.
  • Encounters with the soloists of Multilatérale who will share their secrets on the most advanced instrumental extended techniques
  • Daily rehearsals with the Ensemble Multilatérale, Les Métaboles and the Tana String quartet.
  • “Body-Space-Conscience” workshops each morning with Elisabeth Gutjahr, rector of Mozarteum University Salzbourg
  • Creation and recording of the student’s pieces during two closing concerts.

As part of a special partnership with SACEM, up to three member of the SACEM will see their expenses covered entirely for their participation to ARCo.


Practical informations :

Tuition fees
Tuition fees are 450€. This includes: the accomodation in Salzburg during ARCo, the classes, lectures, workshops, rehearsals and concerts entries from July 7th to July 16th 2022 (arrival on the 7th, departure on the 17th).

Application fees
Fee for application processing is 20 €. This fee is non-refundable.



With Donatienne Michel - Dansac

The contemporary vocal repertoire is very rich. Though it does not require any particular skills to approach it, it is nevertheless necessary to know its various writings, the multiple precesses to read and work on the scores, along with the technical aspects essential to be able to play with your voice and interpret it with simplicity.

In this repertoire, all facets of the voice, spoken or sung, are integrated into many scores. The entire session will be dedicated to those vocal qualities, everyone possess and the way to technically associate those with the various vocal writings.

This workshop will focus both on vocal chamber music (spoken voice, singing voice) as well as personal technical and musical work.
The pedagogical aspects of sharing knowledge according to the possibilities of each will be discussed.

A presentation concert will take place at the end of the session. Classes are open (and encouraged) to academy composers who wish to attend.



What is it to be an interpret in the 21st century? Maybe following the footsteps of the glorious musicians of yesterday : virtuosos of the classics from the past and pioneers of the scores of their time.

Tana will offer to two young string quartets selected by Mozarteum University Salzburg to perfect their musical identity through daily coaching on the interpretation of both a masterpiece classic from the past and a work of our time.

During ARCO, Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy, Bartok and the music of today will meet under the bows of two young string quartets.

Strong from it’s experience of the great repertoire as well as numerous contemporary creations, Tana has been invited to teach in some of the most prestigious music university (Berkeley, Shangaï, CNSM Paris, Hear Strasbourg, Javieriana Bogota) and will share their experience with the two student string quartets.